Saturday, November 28, 2009

A grim reminder

57 innocent lives lost
Lawyers, journalists, civilians murdered beyond brutal
A crime that was unfathomable for human beings to commit. Animals not even. Only demons can.
Darkness looms over Maguindanao, the ARMM, the entire nation

Let us not forget to make a noise of justice for the victims
Let us not forget to take part in preventing whitewash as the primary suspect is a high-ranking government official, friend and ally of the little lady in the Palace, someone who considers himself and his lot 'untouchables'
Let us not forget to be watchful until we see the culprit(s) inside the cold prison cell, behind bars

Let us not forget to remind our so-called democratic institutions to shape up because the whole world is watching
Let us not forget to pray for God's light amid the evident gloom

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